Olivia Vandekamp.jpg

Olivia Vandekamp

A French Twenty something year old driven solely by love, passion and ambition.
I talk too much & I write just as much, except when it comes to truly talking about myself.

You’re on this page for you would like to know more about me,
but if you’ve seen my art you’ve seen me.

I am self taught, and proudly so my art is reflective of that:
rough, bare, unapologetic yet vivid

In 2018 I went on a journey with the intension of rediscovering myself;
doing so led me back to my African origins/roots and as such I decided to take you with me.

My first project, Mater Dei is the resultant of this journey.
Mother Africa bleeds in Culture, Color & Couture & it would be a shame to not indulge in such wealth.

The world is made up of so many cultures, so why only stop at my own?
Look forward to my future projects exploring said cultures including your own.

In sum, who is Olivia Vandekamp?
Just a resilient chick with a dream.

I dream my art reaches you & for you to one day make it yours
— Me